Hvalfjörður Tour

Hvalfjordur is a beautiful and scenic fjord just a doorstep from Reykjavík city. It is one of our most popular day visits from the capital, with availability all year round. It includes several waterfalls and history that reaches back to the settlement age with a special focus on the second world war, since a part of this area was a naval base of the Britis and American navies.

The name Hvalfjordur is derived from a saga about the evil whale Rauðhöfði, who betrayed a lady elf long time ago. Our guides will tell you the full story on the way, so be exited!

The innermost part of the fjord shows an interesting mixture of volcanic mountains and green vegetation in summertime. There are some really nice areas of small forests of e.g. birchwood and conifers. The area displays a good example of the planting of forests, a project that has been going on in Iceland for some years.

This is a day tour, leading you through this fantastic fjord, were we will have picnic on the way, visit farmers and local people, take a look at some remnants from the WW2 with an optional visit to a museum that displays this period in our history. Moreover we will visit a local church, a small fishing village, waterfalls and a lighthouse.

Total price per person: 35.000 ISK (price according to a private tour of minimum 2 participants).

For further information please contact us at: info (dat) touchiceland.is